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      Product Name : Surface vertical rod device (Exit hardware/ Fire exit hardware)
      Product No : 5000V
      Product Description


      Material Push bar –Steel pressed or stainless steel pressed
      Head Cover – Zinc alloy
      Spring – Stainless steel
      Latch Bolt 3/4’ throw, stainless steel
      Dead Latch Bolt 5/8”, steel
      Strike For 5/8” stop. Plus shim for 1/2” stop
      Projection Pushbar neutral: 2-3/16” (55mm)
      Pushbar depressed: 1-7/8” (47mm)
      Reversible Non-handed, reversible for all functions and trims
      For Door 1-3/4” thick of wood or metal door
      Backset 2-7/8” standard
      Door Width 3’ standard for door width of 26” to 36”; 4’ standard for door width of 38” to 48”
      Stile 4-1/4” minimum
      Top and bottom rod length for 7’ door Top rod 35-1/4” , bottom rod 31-1/4”, other length upon request and discussion
      Mounting Height 40-5/16” from CL to finished floor recommended
      Mounting Furnished standard with sheet metal & machine screws or SNB as option.
      Cylinders For trim, knob, lever & thumb-piece type “Schlage C” key way
      Dogging 1/4 turn, hex key dogging on non-fire labeled device
      UL Listed For “Panic Hardware” and “UL”. Labeled (1.5 hours) fire exit hardware
      Operation Inside by slight pressure on any point of the push bar all time

      In accordance with California PROP65 –

      proimages/warning-6.png WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


      Drawings & Dimensions


      Mounting Position


      Model Actual Length Minimum Door Size
      3' standard 32-7/8" (836mm) 26" (660mm) 35" to 36" door width
      4' standard 44-7/8" (1141mm) 38" (965mm) 47" to 48" door width


      • UL 305 (Panic Hardware)
      • UL 10C (Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies)